Is the Bushnell Legacy a Good Purchase?

When shopping for a product online or physically there are some that just draw you to them regardless of whether you are interested in buying them or not. The Bushnell Legacy binocular is one such product. The first sight of this magnificent product will make you want to go on a Safari or bird watching … [Read more…]

How an Advanced Ultrasonic Toothbrush Will Help Your Teeth Stay Clean

Good oral hygiene is an important part of everyone’s daily routine. Without a proper cleaning your teeth can suffer from a number of issues such as developing cavities, plaque, tarter, periodontal disease, loss of enamel and many untreated diseases which can lead to permanent decay. Consequently, regular brushing is essential to keep your pearly teeth … [Read more…]

Science And Fitness – Under Utilized?

Why doesn’t science get more attention when it comes to fitness? I mean, nothing works better than just understanding your body. I’m not saying science gets NO attention, that would be silly. Still, it’s amazing how many people turn to tricks, gimmicks, and fads before facts. It seems that as long as a program is … [Read more…]

The Science Of Razors

It intrigues me that the science of razor blades seems to be so linear. The latest innovations seem to be adding another blade into an already crowded cartridge, or adding a gel strip for lubrication (which isn’t good enough to replace shaving cream, thus making it useless). The most ironic thing though, is that in … [Read more…]