Cubby House Buying Tips

Where to look for good Cubby House?


Do you remember the first Cubby House your parents bought you? This house is a small sized property for your kid to play inside and become creative. It could be a small castle where a child could host their friends or a small sanctuary that create space for a child to grow.

The Cubby House is important and each parent should set aside some budget to gift their child. When you are investing in this house, there are some things you need to get correct and cubbyhousekits hives you some buying tips you must consider.

Do your research

Before you make the purchase, you must invest your time and read the selling brochures. You have to consider the age of your child and the available site in your backyard to install them. When you know all your needs, get a quality house affordable and attractive.

Know the type of Cubby that makes your kid happy

Today, there are many models of Cubby houses on sale. Check for the Classic Cubby houses which are known to be simple and wooden made. They are used outdoors. You can also check the Cubby Playcentre, which comes with many interactive features that allow adventure for the kid.

For some parents, they buy the Themed Cubby, which is ideal for the little princess. They arrive in many shapes such as Pirate Boat, tree house of castles. If you want to have a luxurious Cubby House for your kid, buy the Luxury Cubby. They are perfectly designed and have many features such as extra rooms, kitchens and attached slides. When you are shopping for a Cubby House, check the available designs that make your child stand out and enjoy when playing inside.

Compare the material

The Cubby houses are made from different materials. A parent buying the houses will have the option of timber and wooden materials. The benefit of some plastic cubby houses is that they are cheap and easy to buy. But the disadvantage is that they become obsolete within a short time. The wooden houses are beautiful to the eye and add value to your property. In fact they last longer.

Compare the prices

Vendors sell most cubby Houses. There are those houses that are far cheaper, but you have to be careful about their quality. Though the cheaper ones are easy to buy, they get destroyed quickly. It is good to check the different vendors and the prices before investing.

The safety features

Though you want to gift your child with a Cubby House, you also need to check if they are safe. Before you get one, beware of their hazards. If you buy an elevated house, check for safety rails, weak spots and open ladders. Check to see that the materials used such as glue, paint and plastic are safer for the kids. A lockable house is safer. It must come with fully operational doors and the windows to keep animals at bay.


A good Cubby house comes with many accessories. A parent buying these houses must check to know all the accessories. The different type of Cubby Houses has different accessories. Before buying, ensure that each accessory is installed.


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