Get An Epilator Before You Have Ingrown Hair



Ingrown pubic hairs can be very painful. The advice notes below will cure the problem quickly and greatly help reduce the risk in the future!

The following background information is helpful first of all. Psuedofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) is the proper name for ingrown hair although many refer to the condition by other names such as ingrowns, razor bumps, razor burn, hair bumps or shaving bumps. For more info click on best epilator.

The condition known as Psuedofolliculitis Barbae refers to hair that grows out of surrounding tissue rather than straight out through the hair follicle. This is because it has either been broken off or cut below the level of the skin. Some hair is naturally curly and instead of growing out it curls back and starts growing into the skin causing irritation and even inflammation.

Hair naturally has a tapered end. Shaving in the pubic region removes that smooth end so the remaining hair is now sharp. It has the potential to cut through the surrounding skin as it grows.

Don’t forget that the skin in the pubic area is thinner and more sensitive. This makes it more susceptible to having ingrown hair appear if the hair is ripped out through hair removal methods or shaved off to close to the skin.Get an epilator before you have ingrown hair.

Ingrown pubic hair cure and prevention advice notes

Hold a hot compress over the affected area three times a day, for about 10 minutes per session. This will soften the skin and the hairs will naturally work their way out.

Wear loose-fitting underwear and clothing until the bumps are gone to avoid friction. In the future, be sure not to wear tight clothing after a hair removal session. The tight fit can irritate the skin and cause hair to regrow at unusual angles, sometimes through the side of the hair follicle causing an ingrown pubic hair.

Exfoliating the area before waxing can help as this takes away some of the dead skin cells which accumulate and which can contribute to causing hairs to be trapped.

You can purchase creams, body gels, or lotions that exfoliate the skin. Or if you prefer, ask for a washcloth or glove designed for exfoliation from the beauty section at your local department store. They are slightly abrasive and ideal for the job.

To avoid further skin irritation, don’t exfoliate if you are already suffering from ingrown pubic hairs.

If you use wax or sugar solutions you need to develop the skill of taking the hair out by the root and avoid breaking it below the skin surface. Some prefer to go to a beauty salon and have pubic hair removal performed by a professional.

If ingrown hairs are quite deep you need to get a pair of needle nosed tweezers. Sterilize them with rubbing alcohol and then, perhaps using a magnification mirror, ease each ingrown hair out of the hair follicle. Be sure to sterilize the area afterwards also with the rubbing alcohol.
Hair removal in the pubic area is now very popular for men and women. As long as hair is pulled out, or shaved off, in this tender area, there will be problems with ingrown pubic hairs. Use the guidelines above to cure and minimize the risk. To read more log onto how to prevent ingrown hairs.

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