Getting Customer Testimonials Online Is Easier Than You Think

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To begin with, an online business review basically involves providing a narrative report card that addresses the quality of an online company’s product or services so that newcomers can make an informed choice as to whether it’s a good match for their needs. More and more people are turning to online reviews when researching products and services provided by online businesses.

However, with the thousands of new reviews posted frequently, it’s unfortunate that most of them are plain unhelp. However, the following measures addressed below can enable an online review to improve on the his/her reviewing skills in order to acquire more customer testimonials. Brad Callen has many very useful resources about this subject.

Set up profiles on multiple review sites.

It is advisable that a reviewer should consider all sites that are relevant to his/her business, for example: Yelp, Yahoo Local and LinkedIn. Even though a reviewer may not be focused to a certain review-driven industry like restaurants and hospitality, general review sites like Trustpilot may be helpful.

Disclosure of the entire experience.

Potential customers that give testimonials seek accurate descriptions of what to expect and this is where a reviewer can really shine. A reviewer should include both a negative and positive review all under the same contest like for example: If a website of a business had inaccurate information, include that in the review, but also add that the corporate colours and the text in the website is attractive to customers’ thus better marketing.

Proper reviewer’s profile

It is always important for a reviewer to take two sentences to explain who they are and why they are an authority in that industry. Due to competition, it is always good for a reviewers to highlight their credentials.

Rewarding customers who review

Offering incentives to customers encourages them to create more testimonials. Local search directions allow reviews to share coupons and discounts on their sites.

Compiling testimonials on a single page.

After a reviewer has collected all those great reviews, he/she may want to add them to one page on his/her website that they can direct to potential customers so they can see the great things you have done for others. A reviewer should be sure to credit the review to the site it came from, as this may encourage people to continue on your profile on that site and add more reviews.

Make it easy to leave reviews on websites.

A reviewer can ask customers to post a review and make it easy as possible for them to do so. Put direct links to your review profiles in multiple places; for example; newsletter, a follow-up email and the reviewer’s website.

Leave out the proper names

Major weakness in online reviews is that they target specific individuals instead of addressing the actual complaint. This makes a reviewer to appear vindictive and targeting specific individuals. Offer suggestions on how to improve the quality of many various goods.


In summary, it is always important for the reviewer to always remember that they should strive for an equitable balance of fact and opinion in their content. Be honest and fair.

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