Hedgehog Cages That Feel Like Home


When it comes to hedgehogs cages, there are two types of bedding most commonly used – fabric and wood shavings. Wood shaving bedding is the type of bedding that is the most common and familiar for most new pet owners as it is easy to find at one’s local pet store or online at  http://allpetcages.com. However, many people may be surprised to find that fabric bedding, which is preferred by hedgehog breeders and enthusiasts, is a cheaper, easier to use, and possibly safer bedding alternative.

Wood Shavings

If you do wish to use wood shavings as hedgehog bedding, keep in mind that commonly sold materials like pine and cedar wood shavings have been shown to be poisonous to small animals? Why is this? The resins which make the bedding so fragrant (which many people assume will also mask odors) actually contain chemical compounds which can irritate your hedgehog’s lungs and in some cases even cause liver damage. If you do wish to use wood shavings, aspen is a safe although somewhat expensive alternative, and some hedgehog owners feel comfortable selecting kiln baked pine bedding – which have been treated to high temperatures to remove volatile compounds.Wood is not an ideal material for the best hedgehog cage in that it can absorb urine and become quite stinky.


Other than convenience, what are the other advantages of wood shaving bedding? For one, wood shavings will not easily show bodily fluids – this is an advantage and disadvantage depending on whether or not you want to monitor your hedgehog’s urine and feces for health purposes. Secondly, hedgehogs really enjoy burrowing through loose bedding. Finally, some people may simply prefer to use a bedding that is simply thrown out or composted, instead of reused or washed in the washing machine.

Fabric Cage

Fabric cage liners have the advantage of being easy to change, reusable, inexpensive, and less messy than wood shavings (which always seem to make their way out of the cage itself…) The best fabric to use as a cage liner is fleece. Fleece is inexpensive and easily available at craft stores and large discount stores such as Wal-Mart. It is generally considered best to buy enough fabric for two cage liners allowing you to always have a spare if one liner is in the wash. If you do not want urine stains and other bodily fluids to be too obvious, consider buying a darker color of fabric as this will make stains less noticeable. Finally, is you wish to make burrowing easier for your hedgehog (so many hedgehogs like to hide under their fleece liners) – then cut some fleece fabric into long strips.

Animal Proof Top

Do not assume that other pets will not gain access to off limit areas! If you have a cat or dog that could gain access to your hedgehog cage, make sure you have an animal proof top in place! Wire screens with wooden frames that can be secured work well. If using a sterilte tub as a cage, you can also use a matching lid as long as you cut lots of air holes.Now you can decide on what is best for your Hedgehog and provide it with a cage that feels like home

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