How to design a garden in England

garden designing in england

Any person who’s seen the vast natural beauty of England would agree that a beautiful house feels incomplete if it doesn’t come with a beautiful garden. A few hundred yards of free space can provide immense possibilities to the aesthetically appreciative eye. A well designed garden is not only nice to look at, but is also soothing to the stressed mind. A burbling fountain here, a shady nook there and you have the perfect place to leave behind your worries and enjoy a few precious moments of calmness before you need to dash off again. So the next time you feel like stopping to smell the roses, you literally can.

How to design a garden in England

Depending on how large the plot is, quite a number of designs may be implemented. Reseach books, magazines, consult the internet or talk to experts about what mode of landscaping might suit your garden. Maybe you might be inclined to rely upon your own sense and natural taste. A well recommended landscape gardening company would save you both time and effort, and tap into your unacknowledged desires for beautifying your garden by asking the right questions. What’s important is that the final product should enhance the beauty of your house and its surroundings. From the following ideas, you can pick and choose about what you’d like in your garden. For more information visit¬†

Statues and Stone Carvings

For centuries, statues, stone benches and fountains have been accorded their pride of place in both Italian and English architecture. Picture a beautifully carved life-size statue of a boy holding a basket of real flowers. Or a fountain where a mermaid sits, water pouring from her mouth into a small pool. Stone benches and rocky nooks look very classy and bring out the feeling of an earlier century.


A folly, or a relic of a Greek or Roman temple is a classic representative of the Victorian or Regency era garden architecture. The inside walls can contain frescoes that depict important historical figures and battle scenes. It’s a great place to host a picnic or a garden party.

Undulating Lawns

Leaving the garden flat throught its lenght and breadth reveals a dearth of imagination and inventive thinking. Have your lawn include hills and valleys here and there. Plant groves of oak and birch trees on the uplands. Design the low lying areas to contain a weath of differently coloured flowers. Your guests will be impressed by your poetic turn of mind. To achieve this, Guildford gardeners may be an appropriate choice!

Arched Bridges and Pathways overlying Ponds

A dainty little wooden bridge curving over a rippling stream is truly picture book material. Plant thick copses of trees at either ends, so as to create a woodland scenery. Arrange pebbles in artless circles around the pond to complete the picture.

Cobbled paths Flanked by HedgesConstruct a cobblestoned driveway leading up to the house, surrounded on either sides by wild untrimmed hedges and flower bushes. In fact, you might add a number of cobbled paths in several areas around the garden. These might be useful in creating an adventure trail for your guests during house parties. Be sure to add a few benches under shade-giving trees to allow exhausted people to sit and catch their breath.

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