How To Take Videos With Drones

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Best drones will soon be a common item with everyone and their dog acquiring a drone, . This means that sooner rather than later you will purchase one of your own. One of the best things that a drone can do is take a bird’s eye view video. To capture the best videos, you need to know how to take videos with drones in a professional manner. This article offers tips that will give that elusive cinematic shot with your drone.

Choose your Camera and Quadcopter

You will need to select a camera and more important, its settings.
-Select Flat Image Settings
Ensure that the camera that you opt for allows for a flat image profile. A flat profile gets you more dynamism for the shots which give them a more cinematic feel. Shooting in a flat profile ensures that the clouds and the sky do not blow out, while the darkest points on the ground retain their detail.

-Set the Speed of the Quadcopter
It is critical that you learn how to take videos in a slow and steady manner. Make minor and gradual adjustments as you fly the drone in one direction. Lower the shutter speed to get the sharper frames and to avoid the strobing effect.

Time of the Day and the Weather

While it seems like common sense, I have to stress the importance of flying on clear and sunny days. Plan your filming schedule to take advantage of times when there are fewer people around, the weather is good, and features are more visible.
-Sunset and Sunrise
Cinematography in general, is better when shot during either the sunset or at sunrise. Filming at sunrise or sunset means there is likely to be fewer people about meaning the danger of injuring someone is reduced. Additionally, terrain features will be better defined due to the long shadows cast. Just doing this sets you apart from other drone video enthusiasts who normally film at noon.

-Try not to Film on Windy Days
Windy days will usually result in footage that has what is colloquially referred to as the jello effect. While drones can fly in winds of up to 25-35 mph, the footage will likely be so bad, that they will not be worth the effort.

Shot Maneuvers and Techniques

Learning the following skills of drone video shooting will come in handy in many situations. Mastering these techniques will make you an expert at how to take videos with drones. For more details click on

-360 Degree Pan
At all costs avoid doing a yaw movement as this may result in imprecise movements that blur your footage. Instead, slowly pan the drone in a slow 360-degree arc completed in about 3-7 seconds.

-Move in Two Axes
You can make better shots by moving your drone in two axes of movement like they do in big budget movie films. For instance, gently fly forwards and upwards at a constant speed.

-Use Parallax and Strafe Effects
Employing parallax to your shots can add depth to your shots since they offer the audience an intimate feeling of your surrounding if you incorporate trees and buildings to show the expanse of the landscape. Sideways movements referred to as strafe project a different perspective of the landscape and make your footage exceptional.

-Use a Prop Balancer and Gimbal
A gimbal will allow you take your shots from a single axis by controlling the quadcopters roll and pitch. A prop balancer will help you determine if the propeller is in the correct position. Incorrectly positioned propellers are the main cause of the jello effect.

-Learn to Take Fly Through Shots
Learn how to use your controller screen to navigate and take fly through shots. Start shooting the footage way before your shot and continue it for some time after it to allow for the editing of the footage.


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