Reviews Of Affordable And Effective Survival Kits


Celebrities rely on stylists to keep them current and looking fabulous. The job sounds glamorous, but the reality is that it’s hard work. Although a celebrity may look flawless on the red carpet, their look is often precariously held together with the help of secret tape, pins, needles, and all sorts of other secrets.

Here are a few essential items that you should have with you at home, and anytime you travel, to help you look polished and put together every day. You can also read more at Once you amass your fashion survival kit, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Cuticle Scissors

These little guys will save you every time. Pulling on stray strings will often ruin your garment. Cut away random threads, cut off tags, trim your eyebrows, cut your nails, score the bottom of your shoes, pry open a bottle of wine, whatever. I keep mine in my makeup bag, so I always have them with me.

Double Stick Tape

If you are planning on going braless and wearing a low cut top or dress, double stick tape is necessary to keep everything in place. Cut a piece to size, adhere to the garment, then stick to the skin. Many companies sell their versions of double stick tape, but I find the most efficient, affordable, and widest variety can be accessed at wig/hairpiece stores.

Shout Wipes

These are great to keep in your purse in case you get a stain on your clothes. They are sealed in individual packets, so they are small and easy to use. They will help treat the stain until you can get back to your house or have the garment dry cleaned.

Sewing Kit

Any time you go to a hotel, make sure you keep the little sewing kits that they leave in the bathroom with all the other goodies. These are the perfect size to throw in your purse or overnight bag for those unplanned emergencies. Whether you need to sew a button back on, tack a top closed, or fix a hem with a couple of stitches, you’ll be prepared.

Safety Pins

Whoever invented these was a genius. I keep a few safety pins in my change purse (as well as a couple of bobby pins) so that I have them with me at all times. You never know when a button will pop off, your hem tears, a waistband is suddenly stretched out, or you rip your pants. A few strategically placed safety pins can often help you out until you get back to your tailor.

Lint Roller

Buy one regular sized to keep at home, and one travel sized to keep in your car or toss in your overnight bag. Nothing ruins a polished look quicker than being covered in lint. These should be mandatory for any dog or cat owner.


Anytime you are going braless, and you are worried about exposing your nipples, Nippits will come to your rescue. They are cleverly shaped, band aides like adhesives that stick to your nipples for concealment of color and shape.

Static Solution

Avoid irksome static on tights and skirts with this nifty static solution spritzer. Or, you can do it the old-fashioned fashioned way and simply spray aerosol hairspray on your skirt or dress to keep static at bay.

The Strapper

Finally, a handy tool that can convert a regular bra into a racer-back. This is perfect for traveling, as you won’t have to bring along multiple bras.

No More Blisters

This ingenious and invisible Blister Block roll on reduces friction to prevent blisters. Ideal for the first day you wear your new shoes or when you are faced with an unexpectedly long walk.

Make sure you bring these save the day items along with you on any trip…as you never know what might happen! There are a few sites as well which feature survival gear reviewThese few items are small enough to fit into a zip-lock bag and be tossed into your overnight bag, but I guarantee that they will save you on more than one occasion.

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