When I first registered LitSciMed.org I didn’t really know how to check previous domain ownership and all that stuff, but after a little research, I found out it had been owned before.

It seems that there former use was for a University page for Literature, Science and Medical departments.

That’s perfect, because I’m going to talk about all those topics! I was a bit confused about whether or not it would be good to focus on multiple topics or stick to just one, but as it’s my own domain, I can do what I want.

If you’re coming here looking for the old site or wondering what is up, I hope you stay and look around, and I hope you’ll be happy that this is going to continue the theme of the old content.

If you have any old links pointing here, it would be great if you could keep them up, simply because I’ll benefit from a little exposure. Obviously I’ll understand if you’ve got to remove them. C’est la vie.

For those of you who are first timers to the site, welcome!

I’m planning to use this to talk about things I see in the news or just topics that interest me. I’m not a doctor, so please don’t take any of the medical posts I do too seriously. I DO post information that I’ve researched to be true, I’m just saying I’m not a doctor, you know, disclaimers and all that.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to contribute or you want to get in touch, hit me up at the contact page.

I have no idea what kind of journey this little blogging adventure is going to take me on, so here’s to the ride.

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