Which Are The Best Portable Scanner Brands

which portable scanner

A portable document scanner is the perfect companion for the laptop toting business professional. A portable document scanner can save you time, money, and be cost effective for your business. It is perfect for individuals who want full office functionality on the go. As mentioned on this homepage characteristics of portable document scanners are they are lightweight, ultra portable, and utilize an alternative electrical supply other than a traditional wall outlet.

Questions to ask yourself

Before you decide which portable scanner would best fit your needs, a couple of questions should be answered. Will your scans need to have color scanning capabilities? What is the largest size page you would need to scan? Are you interested in a flat bed scanner, a hand held scanner or both? What software would be useful for your scanning needs and is it included with your portable document scanner? The answers to these questions will make sure your get the perfect portable document scanner for your needs.

The best portable scanner brands are unlimited. Most of the portable document scanners currently available on the market are small, lightweight, and weigh less than one pound. These new types of document scanners allow you to scan documents directly to pdf format. Portable document scanners can help the busy professional keep a better handle on invoices, receipts, and company documents while away from the office.

Scanning images

Most portable document scanners on the market have color scanning capabilities, but not all. You should make sure that your new document scanner scans at a minimum resolution of 200 X 100 dpi for black and white documents. This resolution is more than enough to get crystal clear pictures of your word documents.

However, these scanners are not the best for scanning photo images. Higher resolution scanner would be better adept at handling your photo scanning needs, and should certainly look for a portable scanner of higher resolution if you are going to be scanning a large of amount of photos.

Where does a portable scanner not work

Most portable document scanners also have a size limitation of A4 document size, which is your traditional 8 X 11 documents. Although you could scan a smaller document, anything larger than an A4 document would best be done on a traditional scanner. Printer size is also important to look at in the portable scanners available on the market.

Although, most are lightweight, they vary in dimension which could be extremely important, if say, you are going door to door other than looking for a portable scanner for your mobile office set up in your car. Lastly, you should check out the software available with the scanner and check the compatibility with your computer. This is most important for Mac users and PC users using an older Windows operating system.

When researching which portable document scanner would best fit your needs, read more here. This website allows online comparison shopping and today is a fast growing shopping destination.

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