Why A Bandsaw Is One Of The Most Important Woodworking Tools


What a Bandsaw is.

It is a machinery used for cutting curves and any other irregular shaped woods. It does the same role as a jigsaw but is a bit larger and is stationary. In other words, the wood is moved around the blade unlike on a jigsaw.

Apart from cutting perfect curves, it is also used to split lumber into smaller pieces as well as for accurate cuts. Learn more about this at Bandsawhub.com.

Features of a Bandsaw Include the Following

Bandsaw Wheels.

A great bandsaw is fitted with a heavy and strong iron wheels. They are firm and powerful ensuring steady cuts during operation. These wheels have rubber on their rims where a bandsaw blade rotates on. These rubbers or tires are relatively flat, which boost blade movements, making it ideal for heavy sawing.

Bandsaw Guidepost

This is another vital feature of this wonderful woodworking tool. It comprises the upper blade guide and guard. You adjust it using a rack and pinion to fit the wood thickness. You have to maintain the accuracy of the guide settings relative to the blade throughout the wood by means of post assembly.

Bandsaw Spring.

It comes with a thick adjustable spring that maintains tension in the blades. To ensure quality work, it is recommended to include skillfully made spring. This is because you cannot test quality of the spring initially.

Bandsaw Blade guides.

The bandsaw blades are gigantic measuring a staggering 12ft and above in length. They move at high speed yet cut with high precision. Since they are fast moving, guides are fitted on either side of the blade to keep the object in place.

Roller bearings come into contact with the blade on their outer round edges. Bearings improve efficiency and ensures optimal results. Other bearings (thrust bearing) are placed behind the blade. They prevent the blades from backward distortions arising from wood pressure.

All these bearings can be adjusted precisely to keep them in their positions hence easy cutting.

Bandsaw Teeth.

One of the greatest components and the determinant of fine cuts is the number of teeth per inch. Typically, a bandsaw comes with more teeth per inch but there are various types of blades for bandsaws in the market.

If you want to produce fine cuts or cut curves into thin pieces, a narrower blade would yield best results. Otherwise, go for ones with less teeth if you need rough cuts. You never run out of choices and that is why a bandsaw is one of the most important woodworking tools.

How to Use it.

Coming from nowhere to being an expert is never a one time job, experiences beats number. Though there are no special skills needed to master bandsaw operations, it is a good idea to start with fewer pieces for a first attempt. Practice will bring perfection but gathering more knowledge from  http://bandsawhub.com/the-band-saw-one-of-the-most-versatile-power-tools-today/ won’t be a bad idea as well. This is particularly after being taken through by an expert.

Overview of a bandsaw and buying tips

· Wheel Weight

Wheels are either made of aluminium or cast iron. For consistent cutting, weight is paramount and thus cast iron seems more appealing.


· Frame

It is the backbone of the whole component. It is so important to have a strong frame, typically cast iron if available.


· Quality over quantity

It is worth investing on this magnificent bandsaw for excellent results. Wheels, blades, guides and other components should be of high quality and durable.


Never miss out on this amazing woodworking tool. With all the benefits, great features and varieties it comes with, it is an ultimate choice for you.


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