Why German Shepherds Are The Best Dogs Ever





When it comes to police dogs, German shepherds have been long time favorites. These dogs are bold, big and fearless. They are also very sensitive and may just be there for you when you might need them most. There are many articles written online which talks about their competitive strengths. One of the sites are http://germanshepherdandme.com/. But what is that makes German shepherds the best dogs ever? Here is our top ten reasons why we think German shepherds are the best dogs any one can think of.


What could be more rewarding than having dogs that are actually intelligent? German shepherds have been known to have a very high aptitude when compared with other dogs. They can easily be taught simple things that an owner might normally expect them to do and know. For this reason the largest percentage of police dogs worldwide are German shepherds.


Yes, the German shepherds are one of the most energetic breeds of dogs. This means that can go with you on a long stroll without getting tired. It also means that your kids would get to play with them for as much as possible without the dogs feeling sleepy or weak.


German shepherds are also a very friendly breed of dog. It is a well-known fact that they are very fond of their owners and other familiar faces. In fact, it can be said that the saying that dog is man`s best friend is particularly true for the German shepherds.


The German shepherds are also remarkable for their excellent health status. Compared with other dogs, German shepherds are less prone to ailments provided they are kept on a regular and healthy diet. This also makes keeping less financially demanding. And so they remain the favorites among many who just love to keep dogs.


Most importantly, these dogs live up to their expectation of providing security and protection for its owners. This breed of dog has overtime proven to be the most effective in protecting owners and this has been confirmed repeatedly throughout the world.


German shepherds are highly flexible. This makes them easily adjust to their environment. And also means that you don’t even have to consider modifying your schedule and life style to meet those of the dog. This fact becomes even more important when you are moving to a new location as you won`t have much to worry about.


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your dog share in your feelings? Well, if that is one of the things you hope to find in great dog, then the German shepherds are your best bet. Shepherds are very much inclined to share in your in feelings and even express them.

Help you Exercise

If you think going on exercise is difficult, then you should consider having one of the German shepherds. These dogs require about 30 minutes of exercise every day; and by helping them exercise, you get to exercise, too. The companionship provided also helps to make the whole thing very exciting.


One of the most interesting things about German shepherds is that they are very respectful. They show a great a deal of respect to their owners. In addition, when given proper training, they also get along with kids. Finally, German shepherds are happy dogs—any day, any time.

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